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What is House SoTaWo

The House is a clan  for Destiny 2 where the members help others, reach out to each over and raise to new level together,In all Aspect's of Destiny 2. We want the members to be the friends you want to play with everyday and appreciate.What better place to spent time with Friend's than the House.
 Patience and Respect is paramount.
Our Requirements: The House is an adult community but we will accept young players if they show maturity.Players, by joining The House that person accept's to help any other member that need help in the game.Members are expected to give as much as they receive.No political , religious or racial discussion allowed,No raging except P.V.P and with alcohol and drugs we don't judge,just know your limit and sat within it.

Sincerely The Admin team                                                         
 In Order to Commit to Our Members we limit membership to 60 

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 Admin Appreciation


event type

In the Event of multiple Dungeon runs

Guardians !
Want to complete those exotic questsRaid or even just Level up?
Communicate with the Admin team So we can give you a hand 
looking to join up? we do interviews over psn chat
Members Regular Admin Events

Wicksy will be running Dungeons Regularly

Scotty will be running Raid's Regularly

Outlaw will be running PVP Regularly


Beyond Light

      DLC Countdown
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about US

We have heard the cries for help in guided games, Raids and meeting new players and at our Community. We have found a way to help and give back to the House SoTaWo Members either with support in time or donations ex: the affordability of DLC's, silver... Destiny Codes   .We are the ones who give back to the less fortunate... I guess this makes us the robinhoods of the internet lol  


       Destiny's Latest 

Truth makes a return

One of the most favorable weapons in destiny 1 makes its way back in d2

truth rocket launcher.jpg

THIS WEEK AT BUNGIE – 06/06/2019

This week at Bungie, we revealed the next chapter of Destiny 2.


Today’s been fun. The week started with a Chalice and led to a reveal. Earlier today, we hosted a stream to unveil the next chapter for Destiny 2. If you’ve somehow found yourself reading this article without seeing the news, let’s get you caught up.

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