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Getting to know the Admin Team

All the Admins and qualifications

Meeting the Admin Support Team 
Rank III is the highest Skill set Qualifying them as a Great all round player with implacable attitude and problem solving skills


Rank III: Owner
Hello there I am
qualified in leading, instructing and scheduling Raids, Nfs,
Exotic Quests, Crucible and all PvE, PvP events/quests. I'm the shared founder  of an amazing community and have 9 years founding exp.
Game specialty's: Destiny 2 Boarderlands 3.
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Rank III: Regional Admin

Hey there I have Over 5 Years experience as a shared Founder. 
I have been Leading Raids and events even longer. My skills are detailed decisive explanations,
understanding, patience and intelligence. 
I rank highest in Leading Raids and am qualified in all events. I am mostly PVE based.


Tiny TIna.jpg
Rank III: Admin
I've been with this wonderful Clan for awhile now and gaming since I was 6yrs old.  I love helping or leading in multiplayer to co-op team oriented games. Games that involve pushing through challenges as a team are what I'm about. You'll find me online daily and via the FB page and Messenger.
Borderlands 3
This is why you're here! Need help obtaining amazing loot ? Character builds? That pesky Raid boss up in your shizzle?! Do you just need raw firepower to get through quests? I've got you covered no matter what it is!
I've invested hundreds of hours into Borderlands 2 and all it's DLC.  I'm in this franchise for the longterm and will  be the dependable, solid and  knowledgable teammate you deserve.  You need help? I can get you through while keeping it real and fun! My services are Tiny Tina approved!


Rank III: Admin

I am a Admin in House SoTaWo and have been for over a year now I help run raids and my specialty is crucible,Gambit,
Lore hunting and knowledge.
I am constantly helping new members and filling in where needed.
if you have any questions or need any help feel free to hit me up.



Rank III: Admin
B3 Mask.jpg

Rank II 
These admins show great communication skills and have under 2 years experience as a leader and are being trained by rank III for further advancment

I've been apart of this amazing clan for a couple years. I love to help out anyone who needs it in co-op or multiplayer games. If you need any help leveling up or if you're stuck on a mission/level, hit me up. I'm online daily with AgileMJOLNIR.
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